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Examination Results: Summer 2017

20th July 2017

This year’s results dates:

AS/A2 Thursday 17th August 2017 from 8:00am

GCSE (including Maths and English re-sits)/BTEC Thursday 24th August 2017 from 8:30am.

These will be available in the Main Hall.

If someone is collecting them on your behalf they must have a signed letter from yourselves, these can either be sent into school (exams office) or brought in on the day with identification of the person collecting them (passport/driving licence).

No results will be given out from a text message or mobile call unless authorised by your Head of Year.

If results need to be emailed due to being on holiday or working etc., these must be received before Monday 14th August, after that date we cannot guarantee they will be sent due to workload.

Please email phillipsc@stjosephs.uk.net Once received I will bounce it back so you know I have received it and the correct address.

Any results not collected will be posted out at the end of the day.

All results must be signed for!


AS/A2/GCSE Re-marks.

If a student requests a re-mark, firstly, they must fill in an “Enquiries about Results and Appeals Form” (JCQ regulations), which will be available from the exams office.

Re-marks must be paid for upfront and each exam board has its own costs, see below.



Priority re-marks  £50.30 (A2, only if a university place is at stake)

A2/AS:  £42.25

GCSE:   £36.50


Priority re-marks £49.70 (A2, only if a university place is at stake)

AS/A2:  £41.70

GCSE:   £35.90


Priority re-marks:  £56.30 (A2, only if a university place is at stake)

AS/A2/GCSE:    £45.60


Priority re-marks £46.00 (A2, only if a university place is at stake)

AS/A2/GCSE:   £36.00

Application deadline dates.

Priority re-marks 24th August 2017

Re-mark (AS/A2/GCSE) 21st September 2017

Access to scripts 28th September 2017


If you need any further information or help please just email me?

Mrs Phillips

Exams Officer.