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17th July 2017

More House were crowned Sports day 2017 champions on Friday 14th July one week after the events at Monkton Stadium had concluded. The delay in announcing the eventual Sport day result came about due to bad weather delaying outdoor throwing events like Discus and Javelin from taking place. In the end though More scored 1055 points over 4-days of competition comfortably outwitting its rivals by finishing 47 points above Percy House who came second.



The final results were as follows

1st MORE (Red) 1055pts

2nd PERCY (Yellow)  1008pts

3rd  CAMPION (Blue) 929pts

4th FISHER (Green)

Sports Day Highlights

Bethany Chapman (Year 9) of Campion house set a new record for girls 1500m. This is the 3rd time Bethany has done this in as many years.  Bethany was award Victrix Ludorum  winner (Overall Champion) in light of her track achievements


The Denise Ruffell (Year Group Champions) trophy winners include…..
Year 7 – Ellie-Mae Baxter (P) and Oliver Bainbridge (M)
Year 8 – Molly Bagley (M) and Tom Patterson (P)
Year 9 -Grace Rowe (M)/Alice Woodhouse (M) and Joshua Crews (M)
Year 10- Lauren Colam (C)and Jack Murphy (M)


The Victor Ludourm trophy (Overall Champion) was Year 10’s Dylan Rutherford after he won the 100m, 4x100m relay and Shot Put events.

Mrs Ridley (PE) and Mr Handley (History) completed the final legs of the staff relay as their time at St Joseph’s comes to an end this term.


A final thank you! 

All event winners will receive their medals before the end of term. The PE Department would like to thank all competitors, house captains and staff for their efforts over the past 2-weeks. Sports Day is truly a whole school event that celebrates key principles of PARTICIPATION, COMPETITION, RESPECTFUL SPECTATORSHIP and STUDENT LEADERSHIP.