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House System

14th July 2017

The pastoral structure within St Joseph’s Catholic Academy is changing to a House system; this will begin in September 2017. The House system will allow greater continuity for parents and children in dealing with any issues that occur and enable us to develop the quality support that is available within school.

Pupils will still be taught with other pupils of their age and these classes will not be the same as their tutor groups. Tutor groups will be mixed ability; classes will be set according to ability.

There will be four Houses in the lower school and a fifth House in the sixth form. In the lower school (Years 7 to 11) there will be two tutor groups from each year group in each house. Pupils will be placed in the same House group as any sibling who already attends St Joseph’s. This will enable you to contact the school with any worries in a far more efficient manner, as all siblings will have the same Head of House and you will have one contact to liaise with. Current Heads of Year have reviewed groupings to ensure pupils are grouped with other pupils that they feel comfortable with.

The Houses are:

Aidan: Head of House – Mrs Berry
Bede: Head of House – Mrs Coyles
Cuthbert: Head of House – Mrs Elliott
Dunstan: Head of House – Mrs Hardy
Hilda (sixth form): Director of Sixth Form – Mrs Robson

The pastoral system enables us to give pupils ownership and pride in their House as we organise a wide variety of inter-House competitions. There is also the opportunity for Houses to work together across year groups to develop their house identity.

Pupils will be identifiable by a coloured house ribbon. These will be provided in September and will need to be attached to the blazer, just above the top pocket.


Aidan: Green
Bede: Blue
Cuthbert: Red
Dunstan: Yellow
Hilda: Purple