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Uniform Checks

16th May 2017

Although most students wear their St Joseph’s uniform proudly and correctly, some students are not conforming to our rules. These students will be sanctioned. If the students do not correct their uniform they may ultimately end up on a pastoral behaviour report or with an exclusion for defiance.

It is sensible that all students double-check the uniform guidance in their planners so that there is no confusion. Our school uniform requirements can also be found here.

The school rules obviously still apply to Year 11 – we hope to avoid any confrontation with students who are inappropriately dressed ahead of an exam. Such conversations, in which sanctions will be issued, are not ideal before an exam of great importance. Students who choose to wear the correct uniform for exams will ensure the day goes smoothly with no need for St Joseph’s staff to challenge them.

In particular, please can we draw your attention to:

  • Skirts: must be worn at an appropriate, respectable length.
  • Shoes: these must be black and ‘polishable’ – therefore not canvas or ‘stretchy’ trainer-type material.

If either of the above bullet points are an issue, or indeed if any of the uniform rules aren’t adhered to, students will be challenged and sanctioned by staff.

Many thanks for your support in ensuring our students look smart and befit the ethos of St Joseph’s Catholic Academy.