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What’s your Power for Good?

11th April 2017

Bullying can happen anywhere and can be about anything. We need to remember that it is much better to be kind to someone and treat them with respect. We all have great potential and some fantastic qualities – perhaps we need to use them more often!

To follow the anti-bullying theme ‘Power for Good’, our whole school has been hard at work thinking of what our ‘Power for Good’ is. Each tutor group has been writing their power on a superhero mask and we have some truly amazing anti-bullying superpowers amongst us.

Our Year 7 students have also been signing their own ‘anti-bullying pledge’ in the form of a superhero mask!

Last month, some secondary and primary schools from across the local authority attended Simonside Climbing Wall to show their support in standing up to bullying (organise by South Tyneside Friends Against Bullying). Representing St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, with our own banner, were Demi Hill, Alice Kennedy and Jasmine Stewart from Year 8, and Rio Porter from Year 9.

Keep up the good work, St Joseph’s. Remember, it’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.

Click here for anti-bullying tips for children and adults.


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