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What’s your eggcellent anti-bullying power?

11th April 2017

Following the 2017 anti-bullying theme, ‘Power for Good’, we held an eggcellent competition for Year 7. Students decorated eggs whilst also writing on their egg how they can use their ‘Power for Good’ in respect of anti-bullying.

It’s no yoke! There were some eggceptional colouring and quotes with ‘Don’t bully just enjoy life’, ‘You are eggcellent the way you are’ and many students quoting their powers as being ‘loyal’, ‘kind’, ‘there for others’ and ‘smiley’.

There had to be three winners and congratulations go to Jay Bartle (7H), Hannah Jobling 97P) and Rosie O’Brien (7T). They had come cracking anti-bullying powers with Hannah putting ‘I am kind, I smile a lot and I am not a bystander’, Jay quoting ‘Stop bullying today to help sufferers tomorrow’ and Rosie writing ‘Report bullying, stand up to it, be kind, don’t stand by, tell someone’.

Well done to all of Year 7 and remember to keep up your great anti-bullying powers!


[2017_04_08] Antibullying: Egg 2

[2017_04_08] Antibullying: Egg 3