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7th April 2017

This week has seen the beginning of our new annual Year 11 RE TOWIE (The Only Way is Ethics) competition begin.

[2017_04_04] RE: Towie -TOWIE logo

Three quarter final heats have seen fierce competition between teams who have debated an exciting and deeply theologically challenging set of topics.

Heat 1 saw Emelina and Kainat versed David and Sam on the topic of whether ‘abortion is a grave sin’. Whilst both teams gave excellent arguments in support and opposition to this statement, Emelina and Kainat emerged victorious and through to a semi-final.

In heat 2 Caoimhe and Anna versed Rachel and Molly in a very intense debate about whether ‘homosexuality was an abomination’. Students showed their passion and enthusiasm for their RE studies, drawing upon wide ranging evidence from Utilitarian ethics and St. Thomas Aquinas’ Natural Moral Law, to Catechism and Magisterium teachings for their side of the argument. Caoimhe and Anna were judged by Mrs. McEwan and a team of 6 wonderful A2 students to be the winners.

Finally, heat 3 showed an intense battle of minds on the topic of whether ‘an omnibenevolent God would allow the existence of moral evil’. Arguments ranged from God’s treatment of the Hebrews in the Old Testament to why God gave us Free Will and whether it is, as Irenaeus suggested, a ‘spiritual fog’ sent to test us and make us stronger. Mr. Bolton had the difficult challenge of judging this heat between Tom and Declan vs. Shay and Guy. Tom and Declan emerged the victors of this heat.

Friday will see the first semi-final between Caoimhe and Anna vs. Aya and her partner on the topic of the ethics of IVF.

Monday 3rd April will see the second semi-final between Tom and Declan and Emelina and Kainat on the topic of Christian pacifism.

The final will take place Wednesday period 2 in the main hall during RE. With two trophies, and a £20 gift voucher up for grabs, it is sure to be an intense competition.

Well done to everyone who has taken part so far.

God bless.

[2017_04_04] RE: Towie -Tom and Declan

[2017_04_04] RE: Towie -Shay and Guy

[2017_04_04] RE: Towie -Heat 3

[2017_04_04] RE: Towie - Heat 2